A Classical Liberal Rethinks the Market System

Dwight D. Murphey, 2009




Table of Contents


Part I:  An Overview: The Impending Economic Challenges


          Chapter 1:   Invitation to an Intellectual Odyssey

          Chapter 2:   The Author’s Long-Time Classical Liberalism

          Chapter 3:   Capitalism with Broad Distribution: A “Shared Market Economy”

          Chapter 4:   Social Obstacles to Gaining Consensus

          Chapter 5:   The World at Large


Part II:  The Hurricane of Change and Its Implications


          Chapter 6:   The Scientific-Technical Explosion

          Chapter 7:   The Global Market and Its Implications

          Chapter 8:   The Economic Displacement

          Chapter 9:   The Impact on Individuals

          Chapter 10: The Impact on Business Firms

          Chapter 11: The Polarizing of Income and Wealth


Part III: Concepts and Policies


          Chapter 12:  Classical Liberalism: America’s Underlay

          Chapter 13:  Differences Within Free-Market Thinking

          Chapter 14:  A Critique of Important Market Concepts

          Chapter 15:  Classical Liberalism’s Need for a New Legitimacy

          Chapter 16:  A Reconciliation of Left and Right

          Chapter 17:  Some Essential Requisites

          Chapter 18:  More About a Shared Market Economy


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